Winsford Cottage Hospital

Heritage & Listed Building

Winsford Cottage Hospital is a Grade II* listed, unique example of an unaltered, purpose-built Victorian cottage hospital. It was designed by the brilliant Arts & Crafts architect C.F.A Voysey, who is widely regarded as one of the finest architects of the Arts & Crafts movement.

This historically significant building was bequeathed to the Landmark Trust. JE Stacey were chosen to complete all the necessary building and restoration works. Grade II listed, this building is of considerable architectural importance. We worked on this project in close conjunction with both the Landmark Trust and Conservation Officers to turn the building into holiday accommodation for the Landmark Trust’s guests.

Making minimal adaptions to the internal layout, our first job was to strip everything back to the bare walls, paying careful attention to all the original details and features (including air ventilation covers that featured architectural motifs of hearts, birds and trees) so they could be reintroduced, once restored.

The original roof had to be removed and all the slates meticulously numbered so they could be relaid and replaced where necessary – enabling us to make good all the roof timbers and ridges. Several of the chimney crowns which were made of extremely thick and heavy Delabole slate had cracked over time and we manufactured new replacements which had to be lifted by crane back into position and reinstated.

All the doors, windows and their associated furniture were removed and painstakingly restored. Many of the original fireplaces too were also restored to their original condition.

In several places, the ground floor originally featured an intricate mosaic tile which had been overlaid with a concrete screed at some date during the buildings history. This concrete had to be removed and the mosaic tiles repaired and renewed. Volunteers for the Landmark Trust also helped with this painstaking task which took many hours to complete.

As part of the Landmarks Trust’s commitment to green energy, we designed and installed a heating and plumbing system that included a wood pellet heating system. We also undertook the compete re-wiring of the property. 

The restoration of Winsford Cottage Hospital is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Architect C. F. A. Voysey

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The Restoration of Winsford Cottage Hospital

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